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Large Half-body Puppets


These three short prerecorded puppet skits are designed for pure fun, as well as to instruct in the art of puppetry and puppet script writing. There are three different puppet shows included in the set. The Singing Lesson is 7 minutes and 57 seconds long and is a simple dialogue between a cat puppet and a dog puppet concerning who can sing the best. The Detective, using the same puppets, is 7 minutes and 38 seconds long and is about the dog claiming to be a great detective and the cat disputing it. The Demonstration, again with the same puppets, is 6  minutes and 30 seconds long and is about the dog trying to conduct a puppet demo but the cat misunderstands the term.  Each skit can be performed by a single person (with a puppet on each hand) but it is easier and more fun when two people do it.