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Dear fellow Character Education enthusiast,

I have written this program based on my experiences with children and puppets from my work as Children's Coordinator and Counselor at an abuse crisis center, as Cabin Counselor and Director of summer camps, and finally as a School Counselor in an elementary school. Children view puppets with loving fascination, which makes puppetry a particularly good tool for teaching kids about character. You do not have to be the perfect puppeteer, just willing to do your best, and have fun.

About the Program:

In this program, you will find 10 puppet scripts, 10 follow-up lesson plans, and a handful of worksheets that support the lessons. The scripts are written to be performed by 2-3 people and vary in length. The follow-up lessons are each planned for a 30-minute lesson. You may implement this program any way you choose. I implement this program, in my elementary school, by having 3 assemblies per school year, performing approximately 3-4 scripts per assembly. Between assemblies, I go into the classroom and teach 30-minute lessons about the character traits. Please, do what works for you.

When it comes to the puppet shows, some people are a little wary about performing. Kids will love your shows, even when you make mistakes. You may want to pre-record the scripts to a tape, and play the tape during the show, so that you may concentrate only on working the puppets. Alternatively, you can use adhering Velcro to attach scripts to the curtain; this way your hands will be free to bring the puppets to life. Velcro can also be used to attach props to the puppets or puppet stage.

The program is centered on four puppets: Karen, Spencer, Linda, and Johnny Brown. Karen is the red-head, Spencer is the African American puppet, Linda is Mexican American, and Johnny Brown is the hound dog. Karen, Spencer, and Linda represent everyday kids who get into, and out of, trouble. Johnny Brown is the wise adult figure who always reminds them to do the right thing. However, these scripts can be adapted for use with other puppets.

Just one more thing, feel free to copy the scripts and lessons as many times as you like, within your school or organization only. I appreciate your cooperation.

Regina King
Puppets for Prevention