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Large Full-body Hand Puppets

These beautiful hand-crafted Ventriloquist-style puppets average 28 inches tall and are perfect for viewing in front of a large audience. The operator’s hand goes into the back of the puppet and up into the head to move the mouth.  An arm rod that can be attached to either of the puppet’s hands is provided to make the puppet gesture.

Large Half-body Hand Puppets

These wonderful hand puppets have movable mouths and many have removable clothing.  Each is 15 and 18 inches tall and some come with an arm rod that may be attached to either hand. This is the ideal size of hand puppet in that it is large enough to be seen from a distance but small enough to be operated comfortably within a puppet stage.

Glove Puppets of Animals and People

These are a mix of smaller full-body people and animal puppets as well as the talking-head type Hand Puppets often called 'stage puppets' because only the head (and neck) is visible in the stage. Here also are our puppets from