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About These Scripts

for use with HAND PUPPETS
This Audio-CD/Script Set includes 1 audio CD with 3 pre-recorded puppet shows featuring our Dog and Cat (puppets not included), and 3 scripts for those shows including stage directions. An excellent tool for teaching puppetry and scripting.


A Note from the Author

Character Education Series by Regina King

A complete Character Education Program written for grades K-6 based on 10 character education words. Contains 10 Puppet Show Scripts and 10 Follow-up Guidance Lessons ready to be taught. Based on 4 puppets that can be purchased along with this program: Karen, Spencer, Linda and Johnny Brown but can be easily adapted for use with other puppets.

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BK575 Bible Talk

Sold Out. Sorry!

BK583 Fish Scales & Sea Tales

Looking for a fresh, creative way to make Bible stories come alive in your class? Use any of our beautiful fish puppets for a fun way to captivate and teach your class great Bible stories from the sea. 

BK591 Isadore's Adventures

  Isadore is a delightful, Cajun fisherman with fasinating fish stories to share as his "catch of the day." The 15 skits use many puppets including Ducks, Sharks and Tropical Fish to help build character, but they can also be used by live actors.

BK605 Reggie's Antics

  Would you like for your class to laugh while they learn? You'll fall in love with Reggie with his dumb voice and simple ways. Most of the 16 skits are done with Reggie and the leader. You can use two actors, two puppets or one of each!

BK612 Round Up the Sin Gang

Sold Out. Sorry!

BK613 Diamonds From Proverbs

Goldie is a rock hound sniffing out rocks. Not just any rocks... diamonds. She travels around the world and discovers a treasure more valuable than diamonds... the Bible. The Script Set has 14 monologues but you must hear Goldie's sweet Southern Belle voice on the CD. Adorable!

by Patricia Holland

Each Script Set includes a CD with all of the puppet skits and sound effects pre-recorded to make it even easier for younger puppeteers.

The script books range in length from 20 to 40 pages and are designed to teach while having fun at the same time.


Patricia Holland is a writer, children's ministry consultant, children's pastor and conference speaker. She has written a variety of curriculums, object lesson books, training resources and drama/puppet skit books to help teachers make the Bible come alive!

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by Kristin Greenhalgh

Each set contains 16-20 short and easy-to-use scripts for 2-3 puppet characters, plus discussion questions to reinforce concepts taught and to facilitate understanding. #1020 Walking with God (depicts important steps in the Christian walk); #1021 Living Like Jesus (teaches Christ-like character traits and virtures); The Reason for the Seasons (teaches historical background and biblical lessons for the holidays from Advent to Yom Kippur): #1022 - Vol 1 (Jan.-Apr.); #1023 - Vol. 2 (May-Sep.); #1024 - Vol 3 (Oct. - Dec.).

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About These Scripts

Each script includes "How to" and Stage Directions.

Wherein we learn that you can fool all of the people some of the time.
Cast includes King, Wizard, Princess and Knight. Requires 3 puppeteers plus optional Narrator.

Wherein we learn that the world is not always as we perceive it.
Cast includes King, Wizard, Princess and Knight plus optional Narrator.

Wherein we learn that sometimes even the best of intentions fail us.
Cast includes King, Knight, Wizard, Dragon and Horse plus optional Narrator.

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